I’m posting this here not so much as a writing exercise but because I know people want Irene info and photos. I’ve written a couple of short entries today and posted them to the Eleuthera message board. I am repeating those posts here plus a little more info, plus pics.

Took a walk on the Atlantic beach this morning at low tide, around 10:00am. The ocean has whitecaps and 2-4 foot swells. Even at low tide the beach was mushy and difficult to navigate. Workers were busy boarding up Tippy’s and trimming the surrounding palm trees. When I got back I used an anemometer to measure the wind speed and it was around 25mph.

Now, at 1:00, the wind has picked up. I’ll measure it in a bit and repost. We just got back from a drive through town and all’s quiet. The Buccaneer and Ronnie’s are still open. Eleuthera Supply is boarded up but may still be open. The Esso station was still open. Most everything else appeared closed and boarded up. Most houses are shuttered. There are people milling around. The Harbour itself is still but further out the Caribbean sea has whitecaps. We briefly lost power this morning but it’s back on now.

2:55 pm it’s started to rain and the wind gusts reach 40mph. Power’s still on–cable still on (or I wouldn’t be posting this!).

We just figured out, based on the size of the storm and the rate at which it’s moving, that hurricane winds will last on Eleuthera for approximately 10 hours, from 3am tomorrow morning to 1pm tomorrow afternoon. Winds during that time should max out at 125 to 130mph. Apparently there are power outages and missing roofs and shingles on Crooked Island, but not a lot of flooding. Here in GH it’s raining with occasional thunder and, of course, blowing.

It’s raining hard now and the wind has picked up considerably. We were able to take the dogs out a couple of hours ago during a break from the rain. All was well then, no downed trees etc., although our precious cable internet connection looks in jeopardy as the cable is sagging badly by the road. Tonight should be interesting, ditto tomorrow. Right now, I understand why God created rum.

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