“Eleuthera” (the book)

My book “Eleuthera: capturing magic is now available for purchase at the Haynes Library in Governor’s Harbour and on our website eleutherabook.com. Eleuthera is a 12″ x 9″ hardcover, full color, 112 page book featuring 100 extraordinary photographs of Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Eleuthera is a collaboration between myself and two local photographers, Marc Coeffic and Harry Paungger. The book comes from our hearts with love for Eleuthera. We chose 240 photos over four months of deliberation, looking at decades of Marc’s and Harry’s beautiful images. I wrote the foreword and section introductions, selected the final 100 photos, layed the book out and wrote the captions, and published it. We received our books here on Eleuthera last week and had a successful launch at the Haynes Library on Monday.

Response so far has been wonderful. We’ve already sold one quarter of the books on Eleuthera, and mail order requests come in everyday. One reviewer here on island stated, “Katie, Marc and Harry have done an excellent job of capturing my love of Eleuthera. The descriptions and photographs of Eleuthera, her people and the land are perfect.”

I encourage you to visit eleutherabook.com to learn more. Cheers!

What people have to say about the book

We are taking ‘Eleuthera’ to the UK, so that when people ask, “What is Eleuthera like?” we can hand them the book. The whole grass-roots creation, production and launch of “Eleuthera” is some kind of wonderful – love it.


Thank you so much for producing this beautiful book for Eleuthera. The donation to The Haynes Library is wonderful and truly appreciated. You are a star!


Congratulations on publishing the book! We think it is wonderful in every way. The text describes the “magic” to a tee and I think I enjoyed reading it as much as the photographs. How can we get more copies?


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